Like other wikis this wiki has rules such as no vandalism, spamming, or flaming articles and user pages. This also has more rules.


  • Obey the Code of Conduct.
  • This is not the Club Penguin Fanon. Do not edit another user's work with out their permission
  • likewise, do not use another user's work for your fanfic without their permission.
  • If they say "no" don't beg or ask them for a long while.
  • This is not the Un Club Penguin either. Do not make parodies or defamatory remarks about Club Penguin. Also, do not make "wild" pages.
  • When Creating an article, put this template on top of the page.


  • You are able to take things from the CPFW, UCPW, and CPBATT, so long as you know enough about them.
  • When you do, put up one of these templates, to make it legal.
  • Articles must not break the Club Penguin Canon (and if you're using a CP fanon place/character/event, it cannot break the canon of that)
  • If your article has bad spelling or suck, it will be given this template.
It won't be deleted, but I'll keep bugging you until you clean it up. ;)
  • Own Creations (OCs) that don't have a biography must be put under user places. For example, User:(Username)/(OC)
  • Try not to make articles that already exist on the CPW, CPFW, UCPW, or CPBATT (ex, Crabs, Club Jellyfish, Vampuffles) unless it is VERY different and is strictly related to this wiki. If you do make articles, put it in your namespace
  • No pornography, carnography, illegal drug use, swearing, or other taboo on any pages. This wiki is not as strict as the CP fanon, but we don't want it to be too inappropriate for kids.

If you break the rules, you will be given a warning. After three warnings, you will be blocked for a week. After 3 more warnings, you will be blocked for 3 months. Three more warnings after that then you will be blocked for a year. 3 warnings after that then your ban is indefinite.

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