This is a story about TurtleShroom (Penguin)'s demotion in the Bureau of Fiction's Department of Plot sector. Not only did he lose his job, he lost the respect of his fellow employees.

December 2014Edit

TurtleShroom came back to the Department of Plot. He but a banner on the bulletin board saying "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" in big letters. Some of the other users said hi, and he waved back. However, TurtleShroom noticed a poll on the bulleten board, where users were voting for a new policy to demote employees who have been inactive.

"WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!" Shouted TurtleShroom. "This policy is extremely dishonest and corrupt! I won't allow it!"

"Well, that's not entirely up to you" Said another employer, "It's decided by the community."

"Community, schummunity. What this department needs is leadership and I say that this policy is really bad! People who earned their administrative powers should keep it!"

"Well if you don't like it you can vote against it."

"Oh, I will vote against it, and you all will vote against it as well! I wouldn't be surprised if this policy is just a ploy to demote me!" TurtleShroom said with a paranoid quiver. "I have made too many enemies here for standing up for what is pure and holy, and I will not allow myself to lose power and have filth enter this universe!" He signed his name and left the building.

January 2015Edit

The policy relieved near-unanimous support. TurtleShroom visited the BoF and was appalled that it had become law. He went to his supervisor and stated "Mark my words, this Policy won't last until 2016 AD. This will be the first policy to die, mark my words. MARK MY WORDS!" He then made an article for the origin of Raccoon Puffles to cement that he wasn't inactive.

TurtleShroom then went on a vacation and enjoyed his life for the next few months, not believing the policy would effect him. He bought tickets to go on a cruise in May, and went on several dates with hot babes, but they were only interested in his cash. These actions caused him to bankrupt himself by April.

April 2015Edit

TurtleShroom was enjoying his life at the beach, not feeling that he should worry about money problems because he still has a "great job" at the Department of Plot. However he received a cell phone text from someone from the BoF, telling him that his three months of inactivity was nearly over and he should go back to editing to keep his position. TurtleShroom was furious that the members of the bureau would dare demote him after all his contributions to the community, and decided to take matters into his own hand. He stormed into the Departmen of Plot's office and shredded the inactivity policy from the rule book.