P-Force is a team of puffle (and puffle-like creatures) that serve as spies/superheroes. They consist of the following


  • Goldy- A Gold Puffle. It is the leader and strategist. Of the three metallic puffles, he is the sparkliest.
  • Shimmer- A Silver puffle. It is second-in-command of P-Force
  • Crusty- The Bronze Puffle. It is really dim
  • Yancy- an emo-puffle turned emo battle puffle, Yancy helps P-Force with torturing captives.
  • Checkers- the Rainbow puffle. It helps design things.
  • Cleanso- A pengpuffle. It helps clean out P-Force's base and vehicles.
  • Sparkles- A grempufle. It helps with destroy enemie's technology.
  • Venom- a Poison puffle. It can kill anything at will.
  • Nuthing- A Ninja Puffle. Nobody has seen it, but everbody knows that it's there.
  • Gulper- An obese puffle. It helps swallow the bad guys.
  • Hemophiliac- a Vampuffle. It beats up bad guys.
  • Carnivore- a Puffwolf. It also helps beat up bad guys and (surprisingly) has a relationship with Hemophiliac
  • Devourer- a Vampuffwolf. It is the offspring of Hemophiliac and Carnivore
  • Ed- a King Kong-fle. It is wombo.