This Article is a story about a shortage of squid in the pizza parlor. It was originally a story submitted for the spring contest 2007, but it didn't get in. Now I am making it longer and better. It'll take some time since the original story was lost.


Fissle- The protagonist and narrator

Pinkguin- the secondary main character who is really crazy.


Mating Season was over and starving penguins all over the continent came over to the Club Penguin to get some food. All of them stopped to buy pizza at the pizza parlor, and they all ordered squid pizza. We had surpluses of seaweed, shrimp, and fish, but the penguins wanted squid so we had to give them it. I sighed and looked at the boxes. I decided to open one of them, but to my horror, i was empty. I remember that in the morning this box was full of squid, but who... I finally realized. Pinkguin has eaten the squid in the box.

Pinkguin, I guess, is my friend. We've known each other for quite a while. I guess that we are friends because of that alone. As a note, he isn't very... smart.

TO be Continued