Synopsis Edit

This story is about a moment of tension between the penguins and jellyfish. They Jellyfish are angry that the penguins are taking away their fish supplies and threaten that they'll attack if the penguins don't stop. The story will have a parody of Happy Feet.

It begins with a birth of a Jellyfish with deformed tentacles. Since Jellyfish use their tentacles to communicate, he is unable to speak with them. He is watched by a doctor to make sure that he doesn't get into any trouble. After a run in with a local jellyfish farmer, the discover that the livestock is being taken away from them. THey also realize that sewage is being dumped into their city. After finding out the penguins are the culprit, they organize a meeting.

Meanwhile, Gary the Gadget Guy is trying to make a gadget that translate the jellyfish language. He has captured a jellyfish and was trying to communicate with it, but all the machines have been a failure. His problem was that he didn't that Jellyfish communicates through pulsating water, instead of just sign language.