The Last Rotflcoper is a children's novel. The story is abou a young chick who discovers a nest of a kind of reptile thought to be extinct.


  • Stanley Mores: A young chick who finds a Rotflcopter while vacationing in a tropical island
  • Penny Mores: Stanley's twin sister. She helps Stanley care for Fuzzy
  • Professor Wardos: A scientist that is amazed that a Rotflcopter is still alive.
  • Denny: An evil rich Penguin who plans on killing Fuzzy and stuffing it.
  • Martha Mores: Stanley's mother
  • Justin Mores: Stanley's father
  • Fuzzy: The Rotflcopter that Stanley finds.


Stanley and his family are vacationing on a beach. Stanley is hurt how his parents always compare him to his more independent and responsible twin sister, Penny. He decides to go on an adventure in a forest. While there, he finds a strange creature that looks somewhat like a puffle, but has a tail and a scaly underbelly and lower face area. He decides to take it home with him. While home, it begins to act strangely.